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Mastering bots
course overview

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Training Objectives and Learning Outcomes

The Automation Anywhere “Mastering Bots” training course will:

• Provide an overview of version 11.X of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform, architecture, and components, including Development, Runtime Client, and Control Room

• Explain in detail the features and functionalities of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform

• Explain Bots and how to create Bots using different types of Recorders, Editor, and basic Commands

• Provide an overview of Bot Insight and MetaBot

• Discuss approaches to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

• Guide learners to complete hands-on exercises

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

• Demonstrate good understanding of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and identify use cases

• Independently develop medium- to high-complexity Bots using Automation Anywhere Enterprise version 11.X


Learners who attend this course should have:

• Completed the following Automation Anywhere University eLearning courses

- “Hello Bot: Introduction to RPA”

- “Build the Digital Workforce – Creating Bots Using Enterprise 11”

- “Lead the Digital Workforce – Monitor, Measure and Manage Bot Performance”

Certified Master RPA Professional qualification

Training Objectives

Learners who complete the “Mastering Bots” course can enroll for the Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA Professional qualification, which further requires:

• 4 weeks (recommended) of practice of the concepts and skills taught during the “Mastering Bots” course

• Explain in detail the features and functionalities of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform

• Successful completion of a 60-minute online assessment for this course (80% or higher grade)

• Building three Bots and submitting the code to Automation Anywhere for evaluation within 2 weeks of passing the assessment

• Giving a final oral interview to demonstrate competency in building Bots

Interested? Have a question? Want to enroll?

Please contact us to ask any questions about the training, pricing and/or how to enroll for the course:

• Call +420 725 793 860 to enroll

• or email us at