Our references


We began working with Tieto Czech Republic, one of TietoEVRY’s software centers, in 2018. Our primary reason for our initial collaboration was our consultancy services to introduce available RPA tools. Subsequently, we had the opportunity to participate in the creation of an automation strategy using a specific RPA solution. We designed and delivered a complete RPA infrastructure for this solution and further trained selected company employees. Currently, we are still supporting the client’s internal RPA competence center, mainly through consulting services related to the operation and development of the existing RPA infrastructure.

Okin BPS

We started to cooperate with the business process service provider OKIN BPS more than three years ago, namely the human resources department and the recruitment process was chosen as the first process suitable for automation. During our cooperation we gradually automated other HR processes related to employee profiles management in internal systems – change requests management, automated employee contract termination, background check, digitization and automation of internal labor law documents. Now we are helping to spread RPA awareness beyond HR processes, through other support departments of the company.


As a part of RPA deployment, we automated 4 processes for Management support department and Personnel services department. With automation of these processes, we freed client employees’ hands especially during work activitesl like: digitizing scanned labor-law documents and subsequently automating work activities associated with the handling of such documents across internal systems. This solution we were able to achieve by integrating RPA technology with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. For CEZ Corporate Services, we created a proposal for the RPA infrastructure setup and helped build the RPA Center of Excellence (CoE). We continue to support this CoE and other RPA activities with our RPA consulting and mentoring services.

Fresenius Kabi

To support the Freseniu Kabi customer care department, we automated the delivery note processing process, which informs all Czech and Slovak customers of Fresenius Kabi medical products about the order process on a daily basis. Recently, we have expanded the RPA agenda to other internal processes that handle other work activities related to order processing workflow.

Atlas Copco

For the Atlas Copco Shared Services Center (SSC) in Brno, we helped create a Center of Excellence (CoE) for the use of modern technologies such as (RPA) Robotic Process Automation and ChatBot. In the proof of concept form, we provided the client with all the background information necessary for subsequent managerial decisions regarding investments in individual technologies and decisions how to develop these automation solutions across the organization. In-house process automation and operation of Chatbot solutions is currently fully in the hands of a client that focuses on increasing productivity by linking other innovative technologies with these functional RPA, Chatbot solutions. We also had the opportunity to work with Atlas Copco’s Belgian branch in the form of providing RPA training and mentoring services.


As a pilot project at Liberty Ostrava, we automated the process of receiving and processing orders for the largest Czech customer of steel blanks. Subsequently, the RPA production infrastructure was built, to which we supplied other automated processes. These were mainly logistic processes – Processes for the recognition of freight costs in rail and naval transport. Currently, we actively support the company’s automation activities and the creation of the internal RPA Center of Excellence. We also participate in general training for administrative employees of the company to increase digital awarness and overal digital skills.