• 01-07-2020
  • Digital Skills Training

    Today we completed the first phase of Digital Skills training for 125 employees of Liberty Ostrava.

    We at Techstra support our clients in piloting and deploying new innovative technologies. In addition, we also understand the needs for the growth of our clients’ digital know-how and the digital skills of individual employees.

    We understand that not all employees have the same level of digital skills, many just need to get acquainted with new innovative technologies, understand their basics and principles of how such solutions work and they also need the opportunity, eg during a moderated workshop, to discuss how these tools can be helpful in increasing the efficiency of work at their workplace.

    That is why we have prepared a set of digital educational programs that will acquaint you with the current trends and rules of implementing digital transformation and will certainly increase the level of your “digital awareness”. Without the need for deeper digital knowledge, we will introduce you to innovative technologies and examples of their use. We will then all be able to consider together the potential impact of digital technology on your business and what new ways of working can be set up using innovative technologies.

    The rapid growth of the digital economy puts enormous pressure on companies to be able to apply appropriate technological innovations and thus remain operationally and economically competitive. There is only one way for an organization to adapt in the digital world, and that is the start of a digital transformation with the continuous improvement of its employees’ digital skills being an inseparable part of it. It is already clear that the success of any organization is directly proportional to the motivation and qualifications of its own employees. One of the most important qualification prerequisites for every employee to perform their roles in the organization is and will be the internal motivation to constantly learn, respond to the dynamics of technical innovations, acquire new skills, facilitate work and move themselves and their organization forward.

    Liberty Ostrava has been monitoring the situation for a long time and wants to remain not only competitive but also successful in introducing new work procedures and technologies both in manufacturing and support processes across all organizational units of the company. Among other things, it strives to support the growth of digital competencies and digital culture among its employees, so that they can be also successful in the future and participate in the digital transformation of Liberty Ostrava.

    Creating a digital culture means that everyone in the company, regardless of their role, is aware of the impacts that digital efficiency can have on a company’s revenue, sales and overall productivity.

    The deployment of new technologies is no longer limited to IT professionals – each of us is a part of the digital world. Thanks to the fact that in the last ten years technologies have significantly pervaded not only our jobs but also fundamentally affected a large part of our personal lives, many organizations and companies, their individual departments and employees themselves are already familiar with the concept of digitization. Therefore, we understand that the key to digital transformation is a review of the current state of the organization, transparent acquaintance of employees with this state and with the future intention to develop digital activities and subsequent support of employees in the form of training aiming at their digital skills.