• 18-05-2020
  • Process automation at the Regional Office of the Moravian-Silesian Region continues!

    At the beginning of the week, we started again with the development of automation scripts for the Regional Office of the Moravian-Silesian Region, which was postponed due to the ongoing situation around COVID-19.

    During the current crisis, the benefits of automated or semi-automated processes have been fully demonstrated. Organizations that had automated their internal processes or at least their parts before the crisis, could see that these processes were not dependent on work changes that affected human workers throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. This is one of the reasons why for many companies and institutions using a virtual worker has proven to be a significant advantage, not only in terms of the economics of the process but also in terms of maintaining the continuity of processes. Some agendas could not be carried out by people even from home. However, thanks to the Robotic Process Automation technology, these work activities were not stopped and could continue autonomously.

    At the Moravian-Silesian Regional Office, we are now focusing on the digitization of the registry office. Thousands of incoming documents of various formats are categorized here every month, and due to the inconsistency of some documents, the solution we are creating will consist of a combination of several innovative technologies.

    The goal of the automation of the registry office is to achieve the largest possible ratio of digitization of the life cycle of incoming documents. The result of eliminating the distribution of paper documents from the registry office to other departments of the Moravian-Silesian regional office is supposed to be more efficient data processing, unification and acceleration of work with documents and a unified approach not only to paper but also to electronic documents. We believe that the full use of existing technologies will bring the registry office faster and more efficient processing of most incoming requests. Automatic conversion of paper documents to digital format through the integration of OCR and RPA technologies, subsequent automatic categorization of electronic documents and their distribution to the destination will help meet the objective of this project, which is the implementation of paperless office elements and the highest possible quality of service (speed / faultlessness) provided to the inhabitants of the region who turn to the registry office daily.