• 04-05-2020
  • Can you beat us?

    We guess that you couldn’t miss the website, which currently offers 4 separate assignments to test your own skills in developing RPA scripts (or not only for RPA?). In the past, our colleague got to a speed of processing 70 input records in 1.7 seconds using the UiPath tool!

    So we thought we could check the speed of the script even after a year and we found out an interesting thing. Even though we use the same script, the same computer, the processing speed stretched to 3.5 seconds. We assume that there has been a change on the websites. Come and try it with us and create your own faster code, or test ours on your PC and tell us the execution speed on your computer. Let’s automate! Download and try out our script.

    Let´s automate!

    Download and try our solution!