• 27-04-2020
  • Video – RPA and OCR

    Extend the reach of RPA tool by integration with OCR technology

    Techstra is a supplier of innovative solutions for optimizing and automating internal business processes. We bring innovative software tools that increase the value of the work of employees of individual organizations.

    We are aware that for many organizations, the low orientation in the field of existing functional solutions is an insurmountable problem, as well as the fear of the need for large investments already deployed at the very beginning of these solutions. Therefore, all our services meet two basic conditions: they are available for any type of private or public organization and allow verification of the effectiveness of the chosen solution at very low input costs.

    We primarily focus on the deployment of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies, which automate the internal processes of organizations. Today we have prepared a demonstration for you, how is it possible integrate RPA technology with OCR technology, thus achieving the ability to automate the processing of incoming scanned documents in formats such as .tif, .jpg and more.

    The example of the possibilities that we obtain by connecting the RPA tool to OCR uses the open-source OCR tool Tesseract. It was originally a commercial OCR program from HP, now developed by Google under the Apache license. Tesseract, which uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, provides automation capabilities Data input into workflows, the ability to automatically guarantee the conversion of text images (scanned text) into editable characters, so that the text can be further searched, corrected or copied. The RPA tool can then freely handle the modified digital data according to the working rules of the process into which this data is inserted, or is further modified, etc.

    It is obvious that by combining RPA and OCR technologies, comprehensive software automation can be achieved to increase productivity when working with incoming documents, their categorization and subsequent digitization for the needs of automatic extraction of key data for subsequent processes.

    We will be happy to present you more examples, where we had the opportunity to integrate RPA and OCR technologies for our customers, for example on specific processes for personnel, order management, but also other departments.

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